Top 50 Questions Every Fashion Girls Needs to Ask and Try to Find the Answers Also

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We all are fond of FASHION. Whenever we are getting ready for functions, college, parties, and meetings, we always have many questions in our mind as like

  1. Which outfit and footwear is perfect?
  2. Which hairstyle is best?
  3. Which Earrings?
  4. What type of Makeup?

So, here I will introduce 50 questions every fashion girl needs to ask about FASHION. I will explain which questions you need to ask, fashion questions from head to toe, we have every fashion accessories available with us.


Let’s Get Started…

What are trending in fashion menu?

What are trending nowadays? Update yourself in fashion by checking these websites (,,,,,

What is the perfect length of the hair?

We always have a question about, how long the hair perfectly suits us. There are 3 main categories of hair,

  • Short
  • Medium
  • Long

It’s totally depends on your hair growth, If you want long hair, then you have many homemade remedies available with you. Go to the parlor, Observe yourself in different hair length. Take suggestions from the experienced staff in the beauty parlor about your hair length.

  • Always ask yourself first, are you able to take care of your hair or not?
  • If you are not able to take care of your hair daily then very long hair is not for you. Because hair quality is also important.

Which haircut gives best look on me?

Haircut is a big decision for us. Always cut your hair for right reasons. After haircut, it takes long time to grow your hair. Go to the parlor, check which hair cut suits on you, tried some hair wigs of different hair style.

Which eyeliner style suits on my eyes?

Next come to the Eyes, Eyes is the most wonderful thing in the world which we have.  Take care of your eyes; there are different styles of eyeliner videos available on Google/YouTube you can try. Then decide which eyeliner style suits on you.

·         Winged Eyeliner ·         Smokey Eyeliner
·         Funky Eyeliner ·         Short Flicked Eyeliner
·         Daring Eyeliner ·         Colored Eyeliner
·         Double Winged Eyeliner ·         Neat Cat Eyeliner
·         Glittery Eyeliner Style ·         Natural Style Eyeliner


Types of Fashion Styles?

·         Ankara Fashion Style ·         Gothic lolita style
·         Artsy Fashion Style ·         Grunge style
·         Biker fashion ·         Hip Hop Style
·         Bohemian Fashion Style ·         Kawaii fashion
·         Camp Style ·         Lagenlook Fashion style
·         Casual Chic Style ·         Maternity Style
·         Casual Fashion Style ·         Military style
·         Chave culture Style ·         Modest fashion
·         Chic Fashion Style ·         Prairie chic style
·         Cosplay Fashion ·         Preppy Fashion Style
·         Cowgirl fashion style ·         Preppy style
·         Ethnic fashion style ·         Psychedelic Fashion style
·         Evening Black Tie ·         Vintage Fashion Style
·         Flamboyant style ·         Rocker Fashion Style
·         Girly Style ·         Scene fashion style
·         Sexy Fashion Style ·         Streetwear Style
·         Vacation (Resort) style ·         Tomboy Fashion Style
·         Sophisticated Fashion Style


Which is best eyebrows shape?

  • Broad
  • Thin
  • Pointed

Broad eyebrow shape looks amazing on every look.

If you love to wear nose ring, which type of nose ring gives perfect look on my face?

There are unique types of nose ring

  • Fishtail
  • Nose Hoop
  • Nose Bone
  • Nose Screw
  • L-Shaped

Choose which one is good for you

Which lipstick color suits on me?

Always choose a color that makes you happy. Here are some lipstick colors, which you can try. A classic red, A pretty pink, A no-nonsense neutral, A mysterious dark color.

Which earring suits on me?

Earrings always change according to your outfit and mood; there are different types of earring:

·         Jacket
·         Hoop
·         Huggies
·         Chandeliers
·         Tear Drop
·         Ear cuffs
·         Studs
·         Cluster
·         Drops
·         Dangles
·         Tear Drop
·         Ear cuffs


Does “TIKALI” looks good or not?

This is for Indian Girls, Other can also try. You can place “TIKALI” in the middle of two Eyebrows.

Which look is better, with or without mascara?

Observe yourself with or without mascara, there are different types of mascara available in the market.

·         Lengthening Mascara
·         Thickening/Volumizing Mascaras
·         Non–Clumping Mascara
·         Curling Mascara
·         Lash Defining Mascaras
·         Water Soluble/Regular And Water Proof/ Water Resistant


What are different Types of Nail Art Techniques?

·         Painting With a Brush
·         Sponge Bobbing
·         Splatter Nails
·         Sharpie Nail Art
·         Digi World Nail Art
·         Stencil Method
·         Airbrush Nail Art Technique
·         Nail Art Decals and Stickers
·         Stamping Looks Great
·         Water Marble Nail Art Technique


How many bracelets types?

·         Bangle bracelets ·         Slider bracelets
·         Cuff bracelets ·         Charm bracelets
·         Gold plated bracelets ·         Platinum bracelets
·         Silver & stainless steel bracelets ·         Copper & brass bracelets
·         Gemstone bracelets ·         Chain bracelets
·         Beaded bracelets ·         Tennis bracelets
·         Gold bracelets


Which hairstyle is best for me?

There is different type of hairstyle available for long, medium and short hair.

Which type off stud earring suits on me?

Check for different studs.

  • Pearl
  • Diamond
  • Triangular
  • Square
  • Silver studs
  • Heart shape stud.

Types of Hair style for long hair?

·         Twisted Bun ·         Halo Braids
·         Extra Long Double Ponytail ·         French Braid Twisted Bun
·         Braided Flower Crown ·         Triple Twist Half Up
·         Twisted Halo ·         Twisted Side Braid
·         Simple Chignon ·         Twisted Top Knot
·         Side Twist Party-Perfect Style ·         Easy Boho Braid
·         Khaleesi Inspired Twist ·         Ideal Rope Braid
·         Triangular Parted Half Ponytail ·         One Minute Knotted Half Up
·         Half Dutch Ponytail ·         Asymmetrical Fishtail
·         Half Up Bow

Which is the best fashion pose for me?

Who is top on Fashion industry?

Which dress color?

Buy every color of dress.

What are different types of footwear type?

·         Platform ·         Sling back heels
·         Ankle booties ·         Ballerina Flats
·         Espadrille Heels ·         Open Toe Sandals
·         Mules ·         Peep-Toe Heels
·         Trainers ·         Cork High Heels
·         Loafer ·         Spool heels
·         Fantasy ·         Gladiator Sandals
·         Pumps ·         Ankle Strap Heels
·         Mary Janes ·         Stilettos
·         Wedges ·         Kitten heels
·         Cone Heels ·         Thigh High Boots

Which handbag is perfectly matched with the dress?

·         Shoulder Bag ·         Minaudiere
·         Satchel ·         Hobo Bag
·         Sling Bag ·         Wristlet
·         Quilted Bag ·         Beach Bag
·         Clutch ·         Wallet

What are types of scarves?

  • Ask yourself which type of scarf you want. Would you like to wear a scarf based on design or based on material or function?
·         Cotton Scarves ·         Velvet Scarves
·         Chiffon Scarves ·         Wool Scarves
·         Silk Scarves ·         Net Scarves
·         Alpaca Scarves ·         Satin Scarves
·         Linen Scarves ·         Acrylic Scarves
·         Cashmere Scarves ·         Viscose Scarves
·         Pashmina Scarves ·         Headscarves
·         Winter Scarves ·         Neck Scarves
·         Beach Scarves


Which types of bangles?

·         Gold Bangles ·         Metal Bangles
·         Thread Bangles ·         Stone Bangles
·         Diamond Bangles ·         Pearl Bangles
·         Moti Bangles ·         Copper Bangles
·         Wooden Bangles ·         Ghungroo Bangles
·         Oxidised Bangles ·         Kundan Bangles
·         Glass Bangles ·         Platinum Bangles


Which anklets?

·         String Anklet ·         Silver Artisan Anklet Design
·         Layered Anklet Design ·         Wavy Designed Ankle Bracelet
·         The Zipper Anklet Design ·         Shell Anklet Design
·         Kholkhal Anklets ·         Silver Bridal Anklets
·         A Funky Anklet ·         Feather Anklet
·         Knitted Toe Ring Anklet ·         Traditional Gold Anklet
·         Diamond And Heart Anklet ·         Simple Butterfly Anklet
·         Star Designed Anklet ·         Antique Pearl Anklet
·         Charm Anklets ·         Ajmeri Payal Design
·         Blue Bead Anklet ·         Shell Anklets
·         The Classy Anklet ·         Letter Anklets
·         Baby Floral Anklet Design ·         Sexy Anklet Bracelet
·         Polki Anklet Design ·         Gold Anklet With Sea Horse Design
·         Silver and Crystal Stone Anklet ·         Indo Western Anklet Design
·         Metal Anklets ·         Birthstone Anklets
·         Beaded Anklets

Full sleeves or half sleeves?

Backless or not?

Which beauty products, simple or waterproof?

Simple make-up or over make up?

Here are some types of make-up you need to try.

·         HD Makeup
·         Mineral Makeup
·         Airbrush Makeup
·         Natural Makeup
·         Matte Makeup
·         Shimmer Makeup
·         Smokey Makeup

Which hair pins?

·         Bobby Hair Pins ·         Claw Clips for Hair
·         Hair Barrettes Pins ·         Banana Clips for Hair
·         Crocodile Hair Clip ·         Decorative Pearl Pins
·         Wood Hair Pins ·         Tribal Bead Hair Pins
·         Bumpit Hair Pins ·         Feather Hat Clip
·         The Snap Clip ·         Bow Hair Pin
·         Hair Stick Pins ·         Silver Comb Pins
·         Black Hair Clips ·         Spin Pins
·         Coraline Hair Clip ·         Tiaras Hair Pins
·         Floral Design Golden Hair Pins

Which type of hair bow?

·         Butterfly Bows ·         No-Sew Fabric Bows
·         Button Bows ·         No-Slip Baby Bows
·         Ric-Rac ·         Lace
·         Satin ·         Organza
·         Tulle ·         Velvet
·         Crocheted Bows ·         Pom-Pom Bows
·         Fabric Bows ·         Ribbon Flower Bows
·         Felt Bows ·         Yarn Bows
·         Loop Bows ·         Grosgrain


Which Style of waist belt?

·         Buckle belt ·         Hip belt
·         Horseshoe buckle belt ·         Yoke belt
·         Suspender belt ·         Cinch belt
·         Cummerbund ·         Lace-up belt
·         Military belt ·         Sash belts
·         Metal belts ·         Obi belts
·         Garter belts ·         Braided belts
·         Peplum belts ·         Twist belts

Which jewelry?

  • It’s not important to have jewelry is only for traditional outfit, we can wear jewelry on one-piece also, on gown also.

Which is my best face feature?

Which hair removal cream?

  • Don’t try the cream directly on face, first analyze it on hand, check for reviews and expiry date of the cream. Always take the cream which is recently manufactured.

Which foundation?

·         Liquid
·         Powder
·         Whipped
·         Stick
·         Mineral Powder
·         Tinted Moisturizer
·         BB Cream
·         CC Cream

How to remove makeup?

Apply Cleansing milk on your face, massage with one min, in round shape, then wash your face with normal water. To remove eyeliner, use Vaseline, Put Vaseline on eyeliner, wait for half min, then remove it with cotton. Same applied to remove your lipstick.

Who are the fashion blogger in our country? 

Who is the best fashion designer in our country?

Length of dress?

It’s totally depends on your choice, in which you are comfortable.


·         Mink Eyelashes
·         Faux Mink Eyelashes
·         Sable Eyelashes
·         Silk Eyelashes
·         Synthetic Eyelashes

Which Clutch suits to my dress?

What are different types of Gowns available?

·         Bias cut gown ·         Ball Gown
·         Asymmetrical Gown ·         Mermaid gown
·         Tiered gown ·         A-Line Gown
·         Panel gown ·         Sheath gown
·         Strapless gown ·         Bouffant skirt gown
·         Backless gown ·         Circular skirt gown
·         Halter neck gown ·         Full Skirt Gown
·         Empire waist gown ·         Bustle gown
·         Maxi Gown

Which Blouse Shape?

·         3/4th sleeves backless blouse
·         Square and round neck blouse designs
·         Chinese collar blouse
·         Oval and rectangular neck blouse design
·         Halter neck blouse
·         High neck blouse
·         Transparent or sheer sleeve blouse
·         Spaghetti strap blouse


Am I comfortable in this dress or not?

Choose the dress in which you are comfortable. Because it boost your confidence. Do not wear dress to Show off.

Types of dresses:

·         T-shirt Dress ·         Ballgown
·         Tea Length Dress ·         Princess Silhouette Dress
·         Bardot Dress ·         Mermaid Silhouette Dress
·         Sun Dress ·         Cocktail Dress
·         Pouf Dress ·         Denim Dress
·         Kimono Dress ·         Pinafore Dress
·         One Shoulder Dress ·         Midi Dress
·         Pencil Dress ·         Sheath Dress
·         Slip Dress ·         Peplum Dress
·         Smock Dress ·         Empire Waist Dress
·         Sweater Dress ·         Tube Dress
·         Strapless Dress ·         Halter Dress
·         Shirt Dress ·         Asymmetrical Dress
·         Blazer Dress ·         High-Low Dress
·         Wrap Dress ·         Bell-Sleeve Dress
·         Bodycon Dress ·         Qipao Dress
·         Tube Dress ·         Cocktail Dress
·         A-Line Dress ·         Long Sleeve Dress
·         Handkerchief Hem Dress ·         Mini Dress
·         Bandage Dress ·         Maxi Dress
·         Shift Dress ·         Off the Shoulder
·         Pouf Dress


Tips to get rid of Pimples?

Wash your face every time in an hour.  Also wash, before go to the bed.

Jeans Types?

·         Jeans types according to leg shape/width ·         Loose fit
·         Straight leg jeans ·         Trouser fit
·         Skinny jeans (Tight jeans) ·         Easy fit
·         Tapered jeans ·         Jeans types according to Waist Levels
·         Boot Cut Jeans / Bootleg jeans ·         Regular Rise
·         Flared jeans ·         Lowrise jeans
·         Baggy jeans ·         Brazilian Low Rise Jeans / Ultra low rise jeans
·         Mom jeans ·         High Waist jeans
·         Boyfriend jeans ·         Midrise  jeans
·         Girlfriend jeans ·         Jeans types according to length
·         Stovepipe jeans ·         Skimmer
·         Cigarette jeans ·         Cropped jeans (Crops)
·         Kick flare jeans ·         Ankle length jeans
·         Bell bottom jeans ·         Capri
·         Jeans types according to fit ·         Gaucho
·         Relaxed fit ·         Retro jeans
·         Classic fit jeans (Regular fit) ·         Cargo Fit
·         Slim Fit ·         Sand blasted jeans
·         Straight Fit jeans ·         Dirty washed jeans
·         Stretch jeans


Can I create my own fashion?

What are the beauty secrets I have to follow?

Is this is the perfect look for me or not?

Hair straight or curl?



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