Styling Up For the Holidays!

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Styling 2BUp 2BFor 2Bthe 2BHolidays 2B 25281 2529 2B 25281 2529 FABULUS FASHION

The holiday season is definitely here, and it’s the perfect reason for dressing up! Parties and traveling await, so planning your outfits is the goal to make sure you are always Instagram ready. Here are some pieces that you can incorporate into your #OOTDs!

Leather Pants – 

Level up your bottoms game by switching up your jeans with some leather pants. This is already a statement look so you can balance it out by throwing on a cozy sweater and dress it up with some accessories. If you partner leather pants with high heels, you will definitely be the star of the show.

Pantsuits – 

Are you a #ladyboss that wants your outfit to scream power for you? Make it a little subtler by getting one that’s made from velvet, and go even softer with the season’s millennial pink. Look even more professional by partnering it with a satin blouse or go for street style by skipping the undershirt altogether.

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Colored Contact Lenses –

The holiday season is the time for reinvention. What would be more perfect than playing around with the color of your eyes? The Huda Collection showcases naturally colored contact lenses that will make your eye makeup shine and beautifully display your orbs while being breathable and comfortable, too. There are many colors you can choose from – from pearl grey to Egypt purple to bee green, you can take your ultimate pick!

Tiny Bags – 

Can you imagine your favorite handbag shrunken down to a miniature size? These adorable bags are more for accessory than storage, but they are the ultimate partner that will make sure that you are staying on-trend. If there are days when you need to bring more things with you, you can layer your bag or clip on the tiny ones to keep the playful attitude going.

Furry Outerwear – 

If you want to feel like you are worth a million bucks, there’s nothing that would beat wearing a plush faux fur coat. This trend is always present toward the end of every year, and it is never too late to try this out. Puffers and jackets can be available from various colors. If you prefer neutrals, there are cream, brown, and black. If you want a bold choice, there are blues, yellows, and reds. These coats feel very cozy that you will enjoy wearing this for comfort and not just for the style.

Two-Tone Dresses – 

Is there a specific dress style that you like, but you cannot decide on the color? Worry no more. Two-toned dresses are on the rage this holiday season. Instead of just going with a single color, you have the chance to wear half-and-half clothing before the year ends. Though this color-block type of design is very famous for dresses, you can also come for tops on a similar design. This unique look will surely be a conversation starter without having to alter your style too much. You will still be comfortable without giving up your style.

Combat Boots –

Just because you are nearing the holidays that you would only settle for snowshoes. You can wear combat and hiker boots in the tracks, over ice, and over snow, or during regular days like strolling around your office. Perfect for the utilitarian look and repping street style, combat boots can be styled with dresses, jeans, and trousers alike. If you would like to invest in a fashion item that screams versatility, this one is perfect for you.

Metallic Skirts – 

The holiday season calls for a festive mood, and this metallic skirt is one of the most celebratory clothing pieces that you can wear. These pleated skirts with their gold, silver, and metallic foil patterns are ideal for the shimmery party look. Complete your overall look with black ankle boots, black sweater, layered gold necklaces, and other accessories.

Choker Necklace – 

These accessories have been trendy for the most part of this decade, and they are still a crowd favorite. They can be boho-inspired, edgy, minimalistic, or embellished with beads, gems, and pendants. You can wear choker necklaces with different outfits, whether you are going to the beach, an office party, or going on a dinner date. The choker necklace knows no limits, so enjoy the styling freedom it can give you and just enjoy the new expression it adds to your look.

Five Fashion Tips That Will Upgrade Your Holiday Look

Scarves can improve outfits, and they do it well. Skip the thin and cheap scarves and go for fluffy and soft ones that will last you a long time and do its real purpose. 

Break up from the usual monochrome. Some people stick with donning things in all black, even during the holidays, but you should know that pop of color can do wonders. 

Picking accent pieces can change the focal point of your outfit and transform a monochromatic one to the ultimate representation of your style.

Summer clothes or winter clothes? All the dresses are for every season! Don’t lock out a set of your clothing just because it is too hot or too cold. If there’s one thing you should know, it is this: layers are your friend and use this concept to maximize all the clothes in your wardrobe.

Final Thoughts: Embrace The Real You

Though the holiday season is jam-packed with family moments and parties until late in the night, you will only enjoy the clothes that you wear things that you like. Mix these pieces of advice with things that are really connected to your own sense of style, and you’ll surely find items with the right balance of new and comfortable.

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