Six Ways To Create A Great Uniform Style For Women

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If there is one never-ending battle on this planet, then it is between women and fashion. In this battle, fashion always wins. Many times, the majority of women go ahead and accept the current fashion trends rather than get along with their norms and preferences. What breaks a trend is another trend coming into making.

This way, women have followed various fashionistas and have created spectacular styles for themselves since time immemorial. Besides regular wear, women have started having preferences and have been making fashion goals for professional wear too. Uniform manufacturers across the country are trying to cope with this fast dynamic world of women’s fashion. Owing to that, here are six ways to create an excellent uniform style for women.

#1. Fitting:

Every woman longs for the right fit. Women come in various sizes and shapes, and it is imperative to consider all of them. Making a free size and expecting all women to adjust with that will not be right. A uniform manufacturer should all sizes while making uniforms for women. A perfect-fitting uniform is one with no loose ends to adjust or loose hanging hands or extra puffed up cloth on any side. On the other hand, it is also essential to consider the length and additional measurements. All that women want is a perfect fitting garment be it uniform or a casual dress.


#2. Choice of colours/ patterns :

When it comes to colours, women always have the upper hand. Even studies prove that men identify lesser colours than women. Women have great choice colours when it comes to picking any outfit, be it casuals or uniforms. When it comes to uniforms, women have a subtle choice of colours to pick rather than shiny dazzling colours. This is also based on the kind of organisation they are working for. Patterns to play a vital role while creating a great uniform style for women. Generally, the most preferred ones are plain, checked or polka dots.


#3. Accessories:

Accessories include anything apart from the basic uniform silhouette. This can be a bow, a ribbon, a jacket, stockings and so on. Keeping it simple and easy to wear makes them feel comfortable at work. Accessories also include badges if any or ties, belts and identity cards. Uniform manufacturers should design uniforms based on the kind of accessories that a particular organization suggests their women employees wear.


#4. Silhouette:

The silhouette of a uniform is the base and the most essential part to consider by uniform manufacturers while construction uniforms for women. The style and class are important to consider. Silhouette is the basic shape of the garment. While some uniforms demand a free flow of fabric and make a two-piece salwar suit, others require a close cut knee-length skirts like that of how air-hostess wear. There are many options. But what suits a profession is to be noted. One should not create designs that are difficult to stitch. This is also because a garment like that will definitely be unwearable or challenging to handle by women when they are at work.


#5. Comfort:

One major aspect to view while creating an outfit for women is that it should be comfortable for them. Close-knit seam lines and tight clothes can make them feel extremely uncomfortable while at work. Women are required to wear multi-layered clothing like men. This is to make sure their outfit gives out a perfect look. In such a scenario, owing to comfort while constructing a garment is extremely important. Uniform manufacturers should pay close attention while stitching clothes by making sure to pick the right fabric, give perfect fitting and right design.

#6. Designs:

Design in uniform means the overall look and style. The silhouette, colours, combination of outfits like bottom wear and tops, embellishments, patterns in the fabric all combine to what we can call as a design. Making this best creates a great sense of liking for women towards the uniform they wear.


These are some of the critical things that a uniform manufacturer has to consider while creating a uniform style for women. Women should be given no less importance than men in anything, and uniforms are a significant part as every woman wants to work these days. Creating a unique style for women uniforms has to be taken seriously and should be done perfectly.


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Rahul Jain 1 FABULUS FASHIONRahul Jain is the Founder and Director of RSM Chennai Uniforms, a leading corporate uniform manufacturer in Chennai. He has been in the clothing industry for more than 3 decades and harbours a strong passion for sharing his observations and knowledge of the industry sector. He is very active in sharing his knowledge and educates his audience on new things in the clothing industry.

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