Photo Poses for a Best Photoshoot in Your Budget – Pranjali Petkar

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Photo Poses for a Best Photoshoot in Your Budget – Pranjali Petkar

Hello Friends, Welcome to my blog. This blog is totally based on the low budget worth photoshoot. So, Everyone has Questioned in mind, What is low Budget Photoshoot? So keep Reading my Blog to understand what is the low budget photoshoot.

Girl love to do the photoshoot. But the basic question for a photo shoot is the budget. Need the best Camera to Shoot. Need the best background. So no need to worry.

I am providing you with some tips on How to do a photoshoot in very Less Budget?

These are the poses in the Garden. The best background. So search such type of backgrounds for a photoshoot.

Pose 1:  Use some Tennis net, stand behind the Tennis net, Give the pose as you want. I gave the pose like “Looking down but one side behind the net“.

Pose 2: Pose with RED Leaves. I took some red Leaves with “Sitting pose with a smile on the face”. 

Pose 3: Pose to “Show your half Face”.

Pose 4: “Happy Pose”

Pose 5:  Take some poses like, it should take far from us. So that whole picture will get the effect of nature, as I clicked the photos in Garden.

Pose 6: Pose to “Show your one Eye of the Face

I took all the photos in REDMI NOTE PRO 6. Pics Credit: RASHMI MANOHARRAO PETKAR

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