Jewellery To Wear And Avoid While Playing Holi

Jewellery To Wear And Avoid While Playing Holi FABULUS FASHION
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India is known for its festival, culture and beliefs. Festivals can not only keeps us happy but also gives a chance to meet our loved ones. In this fast running life, people hardly gets time to meet relatives or old friends. To make this occasion unforgettable, we need to plan something really special. It may be food, venue or attire everything should be perfect. As we all know that Holi festival is about to come. So, we should start planning for this day. Especially womens are more worried about their attire than man.

Holi is a festival of colors so one must avoid wearing expensive clothes and accessories. In case of jewellery it is advisable to wear imitation jewellery than precious gold jewellery. Now days, various Indian jewellery designers are selling high quality imitation jewellery at a affordable price

Let’s discuss about jewellery to wear while playing holi:-

Avoid wearing heavy necklaces:-

Mostly necklaces are preferable wearing during wedding functions. While playing holi to make yourself comfortable it is recommendable to wear small pendant with thin chain around the neck.

If you have any light meenakari necklace than you can wear that also, it gives you a nice look while playing holi or keep it simple just wear one liner moti necklace. One or two liner beaded necklace also suits best.

Avoid wearing heavy chandbali earrings:-

While playing holi you should be careful enough while choosing earrings. Avoid wearing heavy chandbali earrings or big jhumki earrings; it might injure your ears. People usually don’t care while rubbing color on others face. They just rub it with free hands it might injured your ears if you are wearing any heavy earrings. So it is advisable to wear small studs or small bali earrings made you of brass

Avoid wearing heavy stone ring:-

Instead of wearing heavy stone ring, it is advisable to wear thin metal band ring. Color got stuck on the edges of the stone ring and it’s very difficult to clean that ring. So it is advisable to avoid wearing any type of stone studded ring. Try to wear adjustable ring only so while washing it gets removed smoothly.

Avoid wearing glass bangles:-

If you want to wear bangles while playing holi than wear bangles that are made up of plastic. There are colorful bracelets available in the market that not only safer but also cheaper in price. This colorful bangle gives you a sparkling look. Avoid wearing bangles made up of glass; it might injure your wrist. Rajasthanies ladies mostly wear glass bangles with saree so they must avoid wearing glass bangles while playing holi.

Nose pin:-

It is recommendable to remove nose pin while playing holi, it might swell your nose. If you really want to wear nose pin than wear only thin nose pin, Avoid wearing big size nose pins.

Oxidized V/s meenakari jewellery which one is better for holi festival?

It’s totally depending on your clothes that what kind of jewellery suits your attire. Holi is the festival of colors so it is advisable to wear meenakari jewellery than oxidized jewellery. Meenakari is also basically a kind of color. Enameling meenakari  jewellery suits the best.


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