World’s Unique Gorgeous Looks of a Girl

World’s Unique Gorgeous Looks of a Girl

Hello Reader, Welcome To Fabulus Fashion Blog by Pranjali Petkar. The Goal Of This Blog is to Share The Ideas or Tips Of Latest Fashion Trends for Girls, Dressing Style for girls, Stunning Looks For Girls Fashion.

Do you know that most beautiful Egyptian queen Cleopatra used to bath with Donkey milk to increase her beauty! Since the beginning of the time, Women are well known for their beauty and gorgeous looks. To multiply their beauty, makeup is discovered and its actually a gift of women. Adding a little makeup to that beauty makes every woman look gorgeous. Women need appreciation and encouragement in their life. Beauty is the one that gives confidence to any personality.

Here are world’s unique gorgeous looks for a girl: –

Unique Eye ideas

Girls Fashion

Eyes play a major role in the facial features of a girl, Eyes can express the feelings without moving your lips. To have more attractive eyes, you need to do some makeup. Eyes come in different colors depending on the genes of the person. For eyes, eye shadows, eyeliner, and mascara are used to increase the unique appearance.

Girls Fashion

To look unique, apply a bit of eye shades on your waterline and blend it using your brush. Use different kinds to apply your eyeliner like a winged liner, straight line, and curved wing.

Girls Fashion

Use mascara to cover your lower and upper lashes to shine the doors of your windows.

Girls Fashion

Unique Lips ideas:

Lips emphasis your beauty and brings out the true attraction. Coloring your lips makes them shine and adds god definition to your lips, A very first thing in girls fashion is lipstick. You can contour your lips with a lip pencil and then add lipstick which can be covered with a lip gloss. Wearing a black or dark brown lipstick is very rare and bring the boldness outside you. For a girls party, you can wear pink or light rose lipstick to match your outfit. Green and grey lipsticks are trendy nowadays. You can use matte lipstick for this color brightens up your lips.


  • Ombre Lip Makeup

Ombre lip makeup is one of the unique and stylish lip makeup idea you can ever try. It gives you a classy look and makes you look wonderful all day.

Latest Fashion Trends

You can use an ombre colored lipstick which has good variation to give you different look. You need to be very creative while doing this makeup.

Latest Fashion Trends

  • Glittery Look

Glittery look mostly used to get best looks at parties and functions.It increases your glamour and enhances your looks. Apply a base lipstick and add glittery shade on the lips.

Latest Fashion Trends

Unique Hair ideas :

Gorgeous hair enhances the beauty of a woman. Maintaining your hair perfectly can improve your looks and allows you to wear different hairstyles. High buns, colorful hair are trending and gives you unique looks. To match your outfit, you can wear any style of hair to optimize your physical appearance. Shampoo your hair regularly and condition it well to keep it healthy.

Latest Fashion Trends

  • Side Braid

Start braiding your hair from the side of your hair and make it like a hair band. Leave your hair from the side and enjoy the side braid. This look matches for frocks, stylish jeans, and other outfits.

  • Tiny bow

A cute tiny bow on the back of your hair can be very stylish and matches for official outfits. It looks very simple and unique for your hair.

Here are the unique ideas for the girl’s makeup. Makeup is a vast topic and new styles take birth every day. Make yourself stylish and unique always to stand out from the crowd. You have the sunshine inside you bring it out, lady!

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