YEAR 2020 – Fashion Trends for Girls

These are just predictions and probably they will dominate in 2020. You can pick what is pleasing and affordable to you. Check all Fashion Trends for Girls in 2020.
Fashion trends are perpetually changing. Some fashions are being created and others recreated. For this reason, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the fashion field in 2020 without guessing. Consequently, this can be predicted by fashion specialists and fashion shows. Here are 10 fashion trends that will dominate in 2020.

1.Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves were in fashion in the early 80’s. If you are that person who is interested in adding some extra vigor in your life, put more focus on the sleeves. 

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The puffy-sleeved top can be paired with some jeans or a leather mini the skirt which will make your look more fun and explorative.

2. Polka Dots 
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Polka dot has been in fashion from time immemorial. A lot of fashion houses and designers have been consistently creating polka dots dresses, skirts, tops, and bikinis just to mention a few. This trend will continue in 2020. Be on the lookout for such.

3. All Leather
If you have the mentality that leather outfits are for bikers you better drop that stereotype. From leather jackets which are a common necessity in every woman’s wardrobe, here comes leather dresses, skirts, trousers, and even shirts. This will make any girl achieve that tough like look.
4. Neon
Neon was also a popular trend in the 80’s. To brighten that neutral or dull color outfit put on a pair of the neon pieces. This will definitely leave you with a fresh and nostalgic look. There is no dull moment with neon.
5. Crochet Outfits

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Crochet outfits were back then made by our grandmothers. Fashion designers are picking this and recreating them into trendy Crochet dresses and blouses. It is forecasted that this crochet outfits will remain in the runaways and fashion shows for the next coming seasons.

6. Jumpsuits
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Jumpsuits are in fashion and will remain in fashion because of their convenience. They can be worn in any season, any occasion, any day or any night. 

This is mostly because they are one piece and for that, it is easy to pair them with numerous types of accessories from earrings, shoes or bags.

7. Shoes worn over pants
What is required to achieve this look is strappy heels and pants, slacks or jeans. You just need to wrap the straps of the heels around the ankle of your pants. Ensure to complete the look by wearing a matching coat or an off-the-shoulder top. I will term this look as classic and only for the bold woman who wants to stand out in the crowd.

8. Printed tops

Printed tops whether animal print or just any other print will trend in 2020.
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Match the top with stockings or a pair of jeans. The look makes you stand out and also boosts your confidence.     

9. Hoop earrings 

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10. Loafers 

Wearing a pair of loafers means being comfy. This is because they are flat in nature and makes movements easy as compared to heels.

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A pair of loafers will make any outfit shine.  Make sure you pair up your loafer with a skirt or a pant. This trend should not pass you by in 2020.

11. Tall slouchy boots

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There are a couple of boots in fashion from lug sole, square toe, two-tone to now tall slouchy boots which are forecasted to dominate in 2020. These types of boots can be paired with a maxi denim skirt, an office pantsuit or with pistachio outfit. They are a modern way to look stylish.

12. Power suits
Suits are incredible when worn in bold colors such as blue or red. Powerful suiting should be achieved by matching a loosely fitting jacket with a high-waisted pant. This can easily give you that sophisticated style without a struggle.

13. Biker shorts 

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This trend is mostly embraced by Instagram celebrities but it doesn’t mean you can’t rock it. Pair your biker shorts with an oversized sweater or a blazer. This can be termed as a unique look and only those who are bold enough can pull it.

Bottom line:

These are just predictions and probably they will dominate in 2020. You can pick what is pleasing and affordable to you. The goal is to feel comfortable,  be confident and pick something that is within your budget. 


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