Be Ready With Your Dressing Style in 2 Minutes

Be Ready With Your Dressing Style in 2 Minutes

Hello Reader, Welcome to Fabulus Fashion blog by Pranjali Petkar. The goal of this blog is to share the ideas or tips of latest fashion trends, dressing style, stunning looks for girls fashion.

The very first thing in fashion trends is to look fashionable in everything. People notice and use to make an impression about us is our appearance, including our clothes. It takes less than two minutes to determine whether or not a female is stylishly impressive by looking at the way she dresses. Hence, it is imperative to dress to impress.

Just like our face and appearance our dress sense forms an integral part of our identity. Apart from impressing others our personal style can make them view us in a more positive light. It would not be entirely wrong to say that owing to our style we are remembered and respected. Given the wide variety of clothing items to choose from fashion can sometimes become quite daunting. So, here are 5 easy ways to make a great impression using your dressing style in two minutes or less.

Quality Fabrics & Garments

A commonly known fact is that superior quality is impressive. This is precisely why you must spend or invest in clothes made from superior quality fabric. Cheap fabrics lack the finesse which good quality fabrics possess inherently.

Hence, ensure purchasing apparel made using superior quality fabrics only. Such fabrics drape perfectly against your body without awkwardly clinging onto your curves. Fabrics that will help you channel your inner fashionista are linen, cotton, silk, chiffon and suede.

Latest Fashion Trends

Since these fabrics will retain their quality for a longer period of time you will get your money’s worth. Keep an eye out for discounts/sales and then buy top notch quality fabrics/apparel. Additionally, Latest fashion trends are not focusing on quantity.

It always focused on Quality. There are some fabrics that you should stay away from unless they are of extremely good quality. These fabrics are polyester, acrylic, nylon, and rayon. Wear good quality clothing in the aforementioned fabrics and rest assured, because as soon as someone lays eyes on you they will be thoroughly impressed.

Neutral Colors

Choosing suitable colors among the innumerable options available is a challenge. The solution is to stick to neutral and classic colors. Namely, blush pink, khaki, beige, white, black, navy blue and grey. Yes, a neutral color palette looks basic, but its simplicity is what offers an elegant appeal. In Girls fashion, great quality apparel in these colors, making it easier for you to find neutral colored clothes.

Latest Fashion Trends

Ensure choosing trendy apparel in these colors because they offer a sophisticated look that can thoroughly impress anyone in less than two minutes. Also, steer clear from earth colors as they tend to look drab and choose rich jewel tones instead.

Monochromatic Ensembles

Sporting a monochromatic ensemble is the easiest way to look amazingly stylish. There is a reason why celebrities often rock this look. Why wouldn’t they? Combining clothing items and even accessories in varying shades of the same color is as easy as fashion gets.

Latest Fashion Trends

Latest Fashion Trends

To sport a monochromatic ensemble start by choosing a color you like. Next, find complementary clothing items in different tints of this color. Now, choose suitable accessories, put them all on and voila, your monochromatic ensemble is ready. You can even sport a powerful all-black look which is slimming and extremely elegant. This style strategy is great for creating last-minute looks and perfect for when you don’t know what else to wear.

Maintaining Balance and Accessorizing

Always pair a loose clothing item with one that is fitted to create a perfect visual balance. Since, fitted or loose all over are both overwhelming. For instance, wear skinny jeans with a loose top/blouse. Pair a well-tailored tunic with flared trousers or opt for leggings and a loose tunic.

This way your ensemble will be neither figure-hugging nor loose and frumpy. Additionally, ensure striking a balance between prints, stripes, colors and textures. If your top is printed wear solid colored pants/trousers. Similarly, striped trousers should be coupled with plain shirts/tops. Choose complementary colors and textures to create a stunning amalgamation. Remember, bjustify contrasting colors and unflattering textures draw attention and look unsightly.

Simply, combine a subtle color with a justify one and let your style shine. Take your time to find clothing items of the perfect fit and size, as they must be just justified. If need be get ill-fitting clothes tailored to your exact measurements. Being Girls Fashion, It is very mandatory to have Balance with the Fashion, Over Fashion is also not good. No ensemble is complete without accessories. In fact, without them, you will never be able to strike the justify balance. Hence, you need appropriate jewelry, shoes, handbags and more to add oomph to your look.

Choose dainty jewelry when you want to place more emphasis on your clothes. Conversely, when you want your jewelry to steal the show go for statement pieces. Pointy toe shoes look exceptionally chic and are every fashion conscious female’s favorite.

Find a versatile and comfortable pair of pointy toe flats and heels because they go with everything. As for handbags, stick to structured bags in classic styles and colors, since, they prove versatile in the long run. Other accessories such as sunglasses, hats, scarves, and watches should be of a classic nature. So that they never go out of style and you never go wrong with them. This brilliant style strategy is bound to impress everyone around you.


It doesn’t matter how many clothes you purchase or how much you spend on them if you do not care for them. Keeping them clean, washing and handling with care, and ironing or steaming them will make you look more stylish. Clothes that are in great shape last longer and look more magnificent. This also applies to your accessories.

Ensure that they are neatly organized when stored, as this will keep them in good condition for longer. Moreover, they will impress everyone because you will look like you put in a lot of effort to look well put together.

Keep in mind, a female who is groomed and dressed well from head to toe is always considered fashionable and impressive. Therefore, you must also pay attention to details.

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