Achieve the Perfect DIY Makeover

Achieve 2Bthe 2BPerfect 2BDIY 2BMakeover 2B 2BFinal FABULUS FASHION
Achieve 2Bthe 2BPerfect 2BDIY 2BMakeover 2B 2BFinal FABULUS FASHION

Do you have an upcoming big date, do you just feel like your style is stiff and lacks fun? DIY makeovers are an excellent way to brighten up your look, to veer away from dullness, and to have a better sense of yourself. Don’t worry as we’ve already wrapped some of the greatest DIY ideas for you — from covering those under-eye circles to viewing more of the freshest contact lenses you can wear! Take note of these things you could do to get yourself a perfect makeover and get that new vibrant look.

#1 Spice Up Your Hair Color

Getting a new hair color can give you a feeling of being an entirely new woman. You can try being blonde, prove the long-time adage, and see if you’ll have more fun. Far too early? Lighten your hair during the summer and darken it in the fall. A wide array of techniques are widely available not requiring you to be too crazy. Experiment with lowlights and highlights, and you can achieve exciting results. If you are more on the adventurous side, you may try oil slick hair or pastel hair and bring out the inner Ariel in you.

#2 Hide Dark Undereye Circles

Undereye circles are truly a grim reality. Concealing them will surely make yourself appear full awake and willing to conquer the world. If you are choosing a concealer for those under-eye marks, try to find a slightly peach or salmon undertone, as those shades work excellent for lightening those under-eye circles. Another bonus is looking for a concealer that features an applicator with a metal tip. The metals provide a cooling feel that will lessen the puffiness you can wake up with.

#3 Increase The Volume On Eyelashes

Want to get that faux eyelash appeal without getting into much hassle? Eyelash extensions are the answer. A wide variety of styles are available that volumize or lengthen your natural lashes. If you find it too expensive or taking much of your time, you may get lash tink instead. Nevertheless, both ways can help your eyes appear larger and more up.

#4 Know Your Skin Type And What Products Works Best For You

Determining your skin type and what appropriate products you should is vital in keeping it glowing and healthy. Consulting a dermatologist is a great way to inform yourself about the best skincare for you. They can quickly tell your skin type and suggest products that are proven effective. If visiting one is hefty for you, don’t fret! You can always do your own research to know more regarding your skin. Should you have naturally dry skin, find the best treatments, and moisturizers to soothe your withered skin. Product reviews are also an excellent source to narrow down the products that are worth giving a try.

#5 Take Care Of Your Lips

Often, we tend to overlook lip care in our routine, not knowing that it is a prominent part of our face. Always keep your lips kissable and super smooth to give yourself a vibrant glow. You can utilize a lip scrub then, apply hydrating balm for supple and soft lips. Adding this to your DIY makeover can help your lips as it will prevent them from looking overly dry and flaky.

#6 Find The Best Lipstick For The Season

Lipsticks are fun staples in your makeup arsenal that can quickly improve your overall appearance. Look for the ideal color for every event and season. You can visit makeup counters and try different brands, shades, finishes. Moreover, there are now apps available that enable you to experiment on various colors of lipsticks through uploading a photo of yourself. Choose your preferred daily nude shade, your festive summer tone, grimy, dark tink during fall and bright red in the upcoming holiday season!

#7 Soften parched, cracked heels

Our heels can be roughly dry during the summer, which is why it is in our best interest to take care of them. An excellent way to keep them soft by using hydrating creams specifically-designed for heels. You can lather it after a shower, or soak your feet in a lukewarm tub and apply oil. That way you can maintain your heels appearing fresh and flaunt them off using those great pair of wedges you’ve purchased for your DIY makeover!

#8 Determine Your Body And Choose Clothing That Will  Provide You A Flattering Look

Knowing what your exact body shape can do wonders. Through that, you can get the best idea about which clothing style will be favorable for your body. Moreover, it can save you time and money when shopping as you already know which wardrobe to get and which ones to avoid. See to it that you are choosing garments that provide balance to your body. Should you be blessed to have curvy sides, try to get solid-colored clothing that suits a little tighter as those will look the most flattering. If you have fewer curves, however, find garments that would create ones — experiment on using layers to produce shape and dimension. But, it is still most important to find clothing that you look forward to wearing and makes you feel comfortable.

#9 Wear Contact Lenses

Beauty has become more versatile nowadays. That way, you can also change your look in the blink of an eye by wearing colored contact lenses. From natural colors to more wild ones to everything in the middle, colored contacts are sure fun in transforming your existing beauty. If you have natural light-colored eyes, you can opt to get darker tints to get a subtle change and make them pop. If your eyeballs are small, you can quickly turn them big, attractive, and sexy by using enlarging contact lenses. Check out styles of contact lenses and see which ones would give the best, new look you deserve.

#10 Complete Your Makeover With Accessories

Adding accessories is the easiest way to improve your look. You can quickly refresh your wardrobe with new styles of jewelry, bags, or even scarves. Make sure to take note of the season, though! Deeper colored scarves are best during the winter and fall, while statement necklaces can bring magic during the spring or summer. Your hairstyle can benefit from accessories too! Try fun headbands, cute hair clips, or bows for a surprising finishing touch on your makeover.

Regardless of whether you’ll try a few of these points or complete all of them, remember that what is essential in the end is having the confidence. Be sure of yourself always and shock the world with new you!

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