7 Most Important Types of Footwear with Outfit Names

Final 2BTypes 2Bof 2Bfootwear 2Bwith 2Bsuitable 2Boutfits FABULUS FASHION
Final 2BTypes 2Bof 2Bfootwear 2Bwith 2Bsuitable 2Boutfits FABULUS FASHION

Hello Amazing People, Most of us are very confused about which footwear type is perfectly fine on which outfit. So I am sharing with you 7 most important footwear types with outfit names. from which one of the footwear types is definitely match on any of your outfits.

1. Wedges:

Thick Soul and no more separated Heels. That’s my Favorite type of footwear. 
Dresses: One Piece, A-Lined Skirts, Kaftan Dress, Layered dress, Turtle neck Dress, Office Wear, Indian Outfits also.
types of footwear

2. Gladiator Sandal:
This is flat gladiator sandal, but there are different types of gladiator sandal such as knee-high, thigh-high and lace-up gladiator sandal. 
Dresses: Midi Dress, Asymmetric Dress, Bodycon Dress, Wrapped Dress, LBD, Denim Shorts.


                                types of footwear
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3. Ballerinas:
Extremely flat and Flexible shoes usually rounded at the front. 
Dresses: Dungrey, Ankle Length Jeans, Capries, Flared Dress, Leggings, Kurtis
                               types of footwear
4. Velvet Ankle Boots:
                                    types of footwear
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Dresses: Shorts, Lace-up Dress, Sweater Dress, Skirts, Skinny Dress. 
5. Kitten Heels:


Matching your footwear to your outfit is something like the best version of themselves. And I have that type of Footwear which goes perfectly with this line and the type of footwear is kitten Heels.  Heels for Beginner. I personally love kitten Heels. You can actually walk in them. 
Dresses: Velvet Dress, Bodycon Dress, Evening Gown, Punjabi dress, Sarees, cocktail Dress, Stylish Boyfriend Jeans.
                                       types of footwear
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6. Loafers: 

Now we have loafers: This comes in Casual Wear. It offers classic style. So Much Comfortable than Heels. 
Dresses: Belted Knee Length Dress, Pencil Skirts, Jeans, Leather Jackets, LBD, Floral Tea Dress.


types of footwear
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7. Flip Flops:

Now We have Flip Flops. My Final Option when it comes to everyday shoes is simple and elegant basic flipflops. Extremely comfortable and most importantly they are the only fashion piece which gives the best look at a very low price.  In this image, this is the basic flip flops but you can have different flip flops also.


types of footwear


Dresses: Tea dress, Simple jeans, Flared Jeans, Maxi dress, Skinny Jeans.

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