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Style and fashion are completely different concepts, despite the fact that they belong to the same area. Fashion is about things, and the style is about how we wear them.

You can dress in everything fashionable and expensive, but, if you are not dressing the right way, then, of course, money is wasted. Oops!!

Even, the dress purchased from local vendors can create a magical look with the right fashion sense.   After 40 years, life changes in many ways for a woman; the children have already grown up, their professional career is developing, and now you can pay attention to yourself.

But, despite our great baggage of many years of experience in life, we can often make mistakes while dressing up correctly. Many prefer to diet because they still hope to fit into their old favorite jeans.

Take our advice- you don’t need to limit yourself in anything. Buy yourself new clothes that will perfectly fit your figure at this moment.

Believe us; you can learn to dress so that even with a budget wardrobe, you will look stylish and expensive. But, for that, you need to know the best tips to remain fashionable all the time. Stay with us for some more time and keep on reading!!


Best ways to remain fashionable

Pants length

It is easy to spoil the figure with incorrectly chosen trousers. Just a couple of the missing centimeters can shorten your legs. There should be about 1.5 centimeters between the leg and the floor, regardless of the type of shoe. In this case, the legs will look slimmer. Of course, this rule does not apply to cropped skinny or leggings.


Hide flaws

It’s no secret that clothes are able to advantageously emphasize advantages and hide flaws. The bulky women often try to hide the extra fats on arms and shoulders. Blouses and dresses with a V-neck or open shoulders will help to do this. However, a sense of proportion is also needed here; the neckline should not go below the chest cavity.


If multi-colored prints are not to your liking, it is better to pay attention to the vertical stripes. These are able to visually increase height, stretch the silhouette, and hide many flaws. You can choose both blouses and striped trousers. It all depends on which part of the body you want to make slimmer.

Color palette

Mostly choose clothes of a dark, gray, brown shade. Many people think that bright colors will resemble a clown costume, so it is better to refuse them. It is necessary to gradually introduce jackets, blouses, and trousers in saturated colors into the wardrobe. It is best to combine them with pastel shades.

Original coats

Another way to diversify things in discrete colors is to buy a bright coat. It will perfectly dilute the usual wardrobe, adding colors in cloudy autumn or spring. Plus, a coat can be a highlight in a crowd.

High waist

Do not think that jeans and skirts with a veiled waist can only be worn by girls with an ideal figure. Even women with a not pronounced waist can choose such products. The emphasis on it will make the figure more chiseled and feminine.

Simple yet stylish look

If there is no time to compose a look for a long time or there is a fear of miscalculation with bright things, you can use the last rule. Feel free to wear a white shirt, stylish pants or a pencil skirt. Choose glasses, a necklace, or a clutch as accessories. This look is perfect for a business meeting, going to a restaurant or work.

Additional Information

The image of a woman is how others see her, what impression she makes, and how memorable her appearance remains.

  • They say that you need to meet according to your mind, and not according to your clothes. But in our time, few people pay attention to an intelligent, but a bad-looking person. Therefore, it does not matter what kind of thing you have branded, expensive, or made from natural fibers. It is important to remember that the combination and correct selection of clothing for a particular situation plays a very important role.
  • It is necessary not only to choose beautiful things but also to be able to take care of them. Things that are not being watched immediately betray their unkempt owner. And from the outside, it looks very unattractive.
  • Do not chase after a fashion, choose models that suit you. Try to choose classic models that are suitable for all times.
  • Wear things confidently, you do not need to fearfully wear what suits you, but you like it. Be proud and carry things, let them make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Simplicity and classics are always in fashion. Wherever you are, whatever you do, a simple cut, calm natural tones will always be a winning option for any day.
  • Find your chip, that distinctive thing that only you will have. And only you will it set apart from all the others.
  • Remember that “stylish and expensive” is not synonymous with “uncomfortable and extravagant”. Your style is determined by how concisely the clothes fit, how the colors are chosen, how confident you behave. The high cost of your image is not at all in its price, but in how competently you present yourself in the chosen image.
  • It is important to remember that no matter how hard you try to dress correctly, neglected appearance, poor condition of hair, face, body, and skin will outweigh the cup with stylish and beautiful things. Take care of your appearance, pamper yourself, devote at least 10 minutes a day to body treatments.


Wrapping Up

It is possible, and even necessary to look expensive, stylish, and fashionable. The main thing to start with is with the mind and body and then choose the right outfits. When choosing anything, think about what it can be combined with.

After all, a disposable thing will hit your pocket if it is lying around unnecessarily. Be beautiful, love yourself, and appreciate, and our tips will help you choose the right outfit for any event. In addition to all, below are some of the important things you need to look after:

  • Self-care is the key to success.
  • Impractical colors are more expensive.
  • Neatness in wear and care of things.
  • Wear clothes, mix and do not fuss over brands.
  • Etiquette and education speak about the truth of your image.

We hope you liked this article. If there are some queries and suggestions, then, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!


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