5 Trending Apparel Clothing Items That Women Love To Buy

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The fashion industry is super crowded with millions of entrepreneurs from all over the world. New businesses are emerging every day in this sector and there is a valid reason for it.

According to Shopify, the fashion and apparel sector is about to hit the landmark of $712.9 billion of revenue by 2022. Hence, there are plenty of opportunities for startups to take the maximum advantage from the market. 

But one of the biggest challenges of succeeding in this industry is selecting the right type of product. If your products do not appeal to the customer, there is no way you can survive in this highly competitive niche. 

That’s why in this post, we have come up with 5 of the most trending apparel clothing items that women love to buy. 

We are going to explain step by step how and why these types of apparel clothing items are so popular amongst women. 

So without further adieu, let’s dive in 🙂 

#1. Bodycon Dresses

A Bodycon Dress is a tight figure-hugging dress that is mostly made from stretch material. This type of dress belongs to the fitting fashion category which has been mainstreamed by celebrities like Nicki Minaj and the Kardashians. 

Bodycon dresses intensify the figure of the wearer and are very popular amongst women all over the world. It is available in various patterns, colors, and styles. There are also different types of Bodycon Dresses such as night outs, long-sleeve, off-shoulder, and elegant. 

You will frequently see these types of products popping up on your Instagram, Facebook, and also on Twitter feeds. Even if you check the website of leading women apparel clothing shops, you can see the Bodycon Dress is one of their best selling items. 

Celebrities love this attire and you can see them sporting it on many occasions. This trend has made Bodycon Dresses one of the top favorites for women. Moreover, the different categories of this dress have made it desirable for women of various tastes. 

1.Bodycon Dresses FABULUS FASHION


#2. Crop Tops

A Crop Top is casual wear for women that is either sleeveless or short-sleeved. It can be used as an upper-body garment and also undergarment.

Crop tops as a women’s clothing product never go out of style. It is one of the fewest evergreen type products that will always remain trendy. 

If you check the search volume of “Crop Tops” as a keyword, you would see it has been consistently high over the past five years. 

It clearly indicates that there is a steady interest in these products in the market. 


It is normal that people grow interested in items when that becomes popular and trendy. This creates an opportunity for new businesses to come in and take the advantage of the demand to establish themselves. 

However, we have to keep in mind that a product’s popularity can not guarantee its saleability.   

Make sure you are on par with your competitors if not higher and providing maximum value in your products. You can take help from different clothing sourcing companies to get this kind of product at a lower cost and avoid production hassles.  

#3. One-Piece Swimwear

Swimsuits are perhaps one of the eldest and used clothing items for women in the world. It has been in use since the 18th century and till now it is immensely popular. This is a suite that is worn by women and girls while swimming, playing water polo or other sunny outdoor activities. 

This particular niche is growing rapidly because of various reasons. There is a growing urge of staying fit amongst women all over the world and also for traveling. Swimwears are essential for these proceedings. 

You will find a lot of variations in Swimwear items that women love to buy. Therefore, when you put all the advantages together, you can sell plenty of these products. 

But do not confuse one-piece swimwears with any swimsuits. There are different types of suits for swimming and they all have their own set of buyers. 

However, one-piece swimwears are at the top of the list amongst all other swimming clothes for women. Hence, having this item in your clothing line can surely help you to connect with your female customers. 

3.One Piece Swimwear FABULUS FASHION

#4. Shapewear

Shapewear or foundation garment is a type of undergarment that alters the wearer’s body shape impermanently to look more fashionable. The purpose of Shapewear is not to enhance but to make the body features look more presentable. 

It is in our list of top 5 apparel clothing items for women as over the years it has become extremely popular. This is a kind of clothing item that helps the user to look more streamlined in any attire or outfit regardless of the original body type. 

There are different types of Shapewears for women depending on size, color, fabric, style, and many other factors. Women can choose from a diverse set of options as there are a lot of variations of Shapewear in the fashion world.

But these clothing items are not only just peachy but also very useful and popular. 

If you search on Google Trends, you will see that the search volume for this product is very high. It proves the need of this product is consistent and always high. 


#5. Lace Bras

Lace bras are not typical undergarment for women. It is an iconic lingerie item that is perennial and will always be in style. Over the years, the style of Lace Bras has evolved to accommodate the needs of every type of woman’s body.  Most of the time women prefer to have Lace Bras with invariable stretch lace for everyday wear. 

It is one of the fewest women’s clothing items that ensure the perfect balance between style and comfort. The thirdlove.com provides some of the best quality lace bras you can find online. Even many online clothing stores on Shopify have achieved success by selling these items. 

Moreover, Vogue recently has stated in one of their contents that lace bras from underbares could be one of the most comfortable bras women can use. So there is no doubt that Lace Bras are a very popular apparel item for women and work brilliantly for business dealing with them. 


Final Thoughts: 

There you have it 🙂 This is pretty much it for our list here for the most trending apparel clothing items women love to buy. There are a lot of other items as well like jeans, T-Shirts, Gowns, and lingeries that are also very popular in the industry. However, this is a very filtered list here which we have prepared. If you have all these items or even some of them in your clothing line, you will never be out of the sale. Not to mention that you have to simultaneously focus on marketing, customer relationship, and R&D of your products.  


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Syed Shahnur is a product development specialist in the apparel industry. He is also a tech enthusiast and loves to write about fashion trends and clothing manufacturing.

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