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Top 10 Astounding Saree Poses At Home

Are you a Saree Lover? | Is Saree your most favorite dress? | Have you ever experienced self-love with a saree? Are you looking for the best and amazing saree poses?

Then you are landing on the right page…

Let’s have a simple photoshoot in saree at home. As we are all at home due to coronavirus, so I have decided to do a simple but very interesting saree photoshoot at home.

Yes, you heard it right,

Simple Saree Poses at Home

Let’s see all pose one by one. We all know that saree has a unique style and elegance than any other outfit. Of course, Saree is an endless/ timeless fashion that will always on trends.  It gives a trendy and yet classic look. So look Beautiful Nari (woman) in a beautiful saree. Sometimes simple things can help you get an amazing look.

After reading this article fully you will understand…

How to pose in saree at home?

Focus on some essential points for an amazing photoshoot in saree. Select the best background. Make up yourself. Focus on your hairstyle and facial expressions with hand position.

Let’s see Saree Poses one by one…

#1. Sitting Pose, Look Straight to the Camera

Wear a cute smile for this pose. Sit straight, check your hand position. Cross your legs in this sitting pose. Then you will get some perfect saree poses as in this image

Saree Poses

best poses in saree

#2. Mirror Pose

Look straight in Selfie camera. Showcase your face features in amazing ways. Hold a selfie camera in such a way that it will reflect your whole selfie look in that photo itself. We can say this pose as “Selfie Pose Wearing Saree” also.


#3. Back and Front Mirror Pose

Stand straight in front of the mirror. Click poses in such a way that the camera will not appear in that mirror. This type of saree poses shows your blouse design in an amazing way. But you have to mainly focus on the design of the blouse and hairstyle also. You can use heavy jewelry also as it gives you a royal look.

photo poses in saree

#4. Floating Pallu Pose

Give an amazing side look. In this pose, the type of saree is also important. I wore a simple saree for this pose and not a Paithani Saree. I wore simple jewelry one line choker necklace for this saree poses. You can free your hair and you can do some hairstyle for this pose. don’t use heavy jewelry.


#5. Looking slightly down pose

Cross your hands and look slightly down for this amazing pose. This is one of the simple saree poses for photoshoot at home. Do not click from the front.



best saree poses

#6. Showing your saree plates Pose

Stand straight with a beautiful smile and cross hands. Stand in such a way so that your camera can capture your saree plates in a perfect way. This is a simple and easy saree pose from all of the poses.

best poses in saree


#7. Sitting pose with smile and hand position

For this kind of saree pose, you can simply use a stool or chair. Also, use your beautiful smile and hand slightly touching to your earring and eyes looking towards your camera. And sit with a cross leg position. This is the best sitting saree pose at home, Look at the background of this photo. It really suits my color of saree.

#8. Standing Pose

Look at this pose. Stand the way you want. I took the photo with the help of the wall.

Saree Poses

standing saree pose

 #9. Standing Floating Pallu Pose

In this pose, I used my saree pallu in a floating way with a straight look towards the camera along with the position of my leg showing little outward from my saree. Choose your perfect hairstyle which will go perfectly with that saree pose or with that saree. And the most importantly show your saree pallu in such a way so that it looks well arranged.

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#10. Some Random Saree Poses

Choose a nice background for the photo. Select a good pose and a simple pose, involve some props for these saree poses like in the first photo I chose a stool for the sitting pose. In the below picture, I also used my hand expression with a simple watch and a good expression on your face with the help of eyes and smile. Like I used my eyes in the first one and smile in the second one. Try to click some random poses in saree at home, It looks amazing when you click in a random manner.

Saree Poses

saree poses by pranjali

So what’s your opinion on these Simple Saree photo poses at home?

Of course, it took lots of clicks for just a single saree pose. All of them are my favorite “simple saree poses at home”.  Try all beautiful saree poses at your home. All Images Clicked By by Rashmi Petkar.

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