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Photo Shoot at Home

If you love photoshoot of your own, then your own home is the best place for a photoshoot. Because you know all the hidden corners and best wall of your home. Set up a photoshoot at home instead of going to a studio. 

For unique photo poses you need to have the best background suited on your dress. Use the best combination of background and your dress color.

Tip 1. Choose the best wall or the best corner to shoot photos according to your dress.

Tip 2. Makeup well, Don't over makeup.

Tip 3: Use proper Jewelry ( I only use earing in this photoshoot)

Tip 4: Use Proper Footwear. (I wore 2 Footwears - Black shoes, and Wedges)

Tip 5: Use something or props to make your best pose. ( I used mobile).

Tip 6: Use proper carpet or mat. ( I used Mat)

Pose 1. Click Full Side Pose. Look at one Side to Camera.

Put one hand on your waist and another on the wall. Show the sleeve fashion if your dress has. Put your hair on one side. Be confident while possing something like the below image. Wear some high heels or normal footwear which best suits your entire attire. In this, I wore gladiator sandal.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 2: Full Pose 

Move your body slightly to the camera, show your sleeve of another hand also. Show your full face to the camera. Don't move your hand which is already on your waist. If you want, you can move your legs position.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 3: Stare Straight-on at the Camera

Stand Straight, Look Straight to the camera. Change the background. Hand postion is same as previous one. Show confidence on your face.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 4: Look down, Show your heels

Take the picture by hoding your camera slightly down to click this type of pose.Observe my hand position.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 5 : Click with other Angle of Camera.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 6: Click without Footwear

Slightly bend your right leg, I am not wearing any footwear over here. Tru some poses without footwear.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 7: Click the pose with Door.

Change the background. Try to take background of door. You can take help of door for this pose. One hand is on door, Look straight, Bend your leg slightly, and one leg straight. You can show your footwear also. Or can make blur it also.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 8: Dont look at Camera

Observe my hand position. Don't look at camera this time. Take your right leg behind the door.

Pose 9: Sitting Pose 

Take one stool for sitting pose. Sit down on the stool. Free your hair. Hold your hand and make yourself comfortable for this pose. Look  the way you want. I am looking Left, slightly down side. You can crop Footwear portion if you dont want to show.
                                             Photo Shoot at Home                                               
 Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 10: Look Upword pose

Observe the Hand and leg position.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 11:  Holding some hair.

Change the hand postion, Change  camera postion also. Look downside. Put your one hand behind your ear, holding some hair.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 12: Posing by looking in your mobile. 

Observe my hand and leg position.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 12: Attitude Pose

This is my favorite pose. Free your hair. Put your one hand on background as door is in my background. Put Second hand straigth on your body.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 13: Sitting Pose without Stool

Sit as Usual and Bend your leg. Make cross to your hand.

Photo Shoot at Home

Pose 13: Look Up to the camera

Pose 14: Side Sitting pose, show shadow

Make cross postion of your hand. Take the click in such a way to show shadow.

Same pose as above, Take the pose by holding your camera  close to you.

Photo Shoot at Home



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