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Selfie Poses for Girls

Still thinking which selfie poses is best suits on you? Should use one side pose, showing your face feature pose, highlighting your accessories, showing your hair pose, Simple smile selfie pose, full faces selfie pose, Showing your half face, Looking upward, looking downward.
These are the types of selfie poses, which we always use while taking a selfie. So read this blog fully, I will explain how your selfie look like for the particular pose.

In this, I tell you how this selfie poses will look great on every face shape, size, skin tone. 

There is no matter of face shape, size, and skin tone while taking a selfie. You just need to look confident in every selfie poses.

Don't do over makeup. Smile for your best. Don't look overconfident. Be natural.
The key for best Selfie Poses is having a natural smile. 

Always try a different angle, Proper Light is very important. Always try to take a selfie in the best light. Give your best shot.

7 Most Important Types of Footwear with Outfit Names

Hello Amazing People, Most of us are very confused about which footwear type is perfectly fine on which outfit. So I am sharing with you 7 most important footwear types with outfit names. from which one of the footwear types is definitely match on any of your outfits.

1. Wedges:

Thick Soul and no more separated Heels. That's my Favorite type of footwear. 
Dresses: One Piece, A-Lined Skirts, Kaftan Dress, Layered dress, Turtle neck Dress, Office Wear, Indian Outfits also.

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2. Gladiator Sandal:

This is flat gladiator sandal, but there are different types of gladiator sandal such as knee-high, thigh-high and lace-up gladiator sandal.  Dresses: Midi Dress, Asymmetric Dress, Bodycon Dress, Wrapped Dress, LBD, Denim Shorts.

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3. Ballerinas:
Extremely flat and Flexible shoes usually rounded at the front. 
Dresses: Dungrey, Ankle Length Jeans, Capries, Flared Dress, Leggings, Kurtis