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Types of Shoes every woman should have in her wardrobe.

There’s an enormous range of shoe styles for ladies, each with their uniqueness and history. Female footwear styles are well known for being attractive and beautiful as 

well as being functional. Of course, there are assured ladies shoe styles that are more  suitable  and practical for different situations and certain styles of shoes will go well with particular situations or outfits more than others. Here’s our guide to ladies casual shoes and dress shoes to help you figure out which styles of women's shoes you basically must have as part of your wardrobe!

We believe that the below selection of chic choices in footwear for women not only enhances the style, but it also enhances the level of walkability. Footwear shopping is not as simple as many ‘shoe-noobs’ would think it is. What style of shoes do I purchase? What kind of attire will they go with? How much heel is too much heel? Although we cannot respond most of those questions ourselves, here are a few questions we can assist you. 

 So in other words, if you’re getting to go shoe shopping, do not forget to take a walk-through into this definitive footwear list of shoe styles with their names. Here we're going to run through women's casual shoe styles. Casual shoes are moderately self-explanatory – these are female shoe types that you wear on a day to day basis. Women can wear these casuals for relaxed Look. As some of us are likely to wear heels in the day time as well at the night time.

Check out the most trendy casual shoe types below:

A wedge heel can provide any outfit a more polished look without actually having to wear painful heels. Wedges are far more relaxed to wear, especially a lower wedge.

An appealing and convenient solution to casual, everyday footwear. Ballet pumps are a flat slipper type shoe that is a necessary item to have in a wardrobe. Ballerinas are such a flexible shoe that comes in every print, color, and pattern possible, from classic nude to wild animal prints and bright quirky colors.

Lace-ups are grabbing hold of all term for any shoes that fasten with laces. They can be brogues, loafers, heels, ballerina pumps or any other shoe. Lace-up shoes tend to be somewhat sturdier and can give additional support for your feet, as well as providing an adjustable fastening that can be tightened or loosened to suit your feet.

Wellington Boots
Traditionally known as Wellington Boots, a reliable pair of women’s wellies is realistic and stylish. Wonderful for keeping dry in the winter, or for keeping warm and dry at a festival. Wellies typically characteristic a thick, rubber boot and a chunky sole to enable you to walk through muddy fields, and jump in puddles without ruining your shoes. Wellies are best bought in a size up from the size you usually wear so you can wear thick socks underneath them without your wellies becoming too tight

Flip Flops
The ultimate summer shoe, if you’re heading to the beach or pool this summer then these are perfect and easy to wear shoes, you can put it in your beach bag. Women’s flip flops are usually made from a foam sole, with plastic toe support in the middle.
For a longer-lasting style, opt for one made from leather. Very basic styles will have simple plastic straps, although you can get styles with pretty woven leather straps and finished with gems to add extra sparkle to your outfit. Flip flops are super versatile and come in a range of patterns and colors so you can match them to any swimwear or outfit.

A casual shoe that generally slips on, with elasticized panels on either side negating the need for laces or fastenings.

Ladies loafers offer a classic style that adds typical glamour to a daytime outfit or place of workwear. Find out more about loafers in our complete guide to loafers.

Gladiator sandals
A strappy sandal, with a T-bar running down the front. For optimum Grecian glamour, wear a pair of sandals with a maxi dress, there’s something about gladiator sandals that work so well on holiday.

Recently, heeled gladiator sandals have made a comeback on the catwalks and high street. A strappy sandal with a heel works well with tailored trousers or with office wear.

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