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Types of Hair Pins Every Girl Should Have

Hairpins have proved to be an important fashion accessory for the girls in categorizes to hold their hairstyle gorgeously. They give only one of its kind look to your hairstyle and as well it helps to not getting messy soon. Although keeping your hair in place, hairpins also give additional support to several accessories you have on your hair. They also appear in a range of colors that differ with the brands preferred. Some of the most excellent brands offer them at a comparatively higher price, yet they stand testimony to their price and last longer. Starting from young kids to the older women, hairpins cannot be completed away with several of the hairpins and clips are listed below. Take a look at the varieties and how each one serves its purpose.

Hair Pin Styles for Women: There are special types of hairpins and clips accessible which adds a trendy look to your hairstyle. Let’s have a look at some of the trendy hair pins frequently grabbed.

1. Bobby Hair Pins:

Bobby hairpins are the ordinary and simple hairpins accessible in the Indian marketplace. These are very much used to make any hairstyle in which lots of layers are to be fashioned and maintained. They are the oldest pins used to decorate your hair. They also appear in handy when you have to fix a wig or extension to your hair. Simple to use these pins are widely available at a very minimum cost. You can buy this from amazon also.

2. Hair Barrettes Pins:

These gorgeous hairpin and clip are mainly picked hairpins while shopping for hair accessories. They are accessible in various eye-catching designs and styles. They hold a broad design which facilitates to bind up as many hair layers as you want. The flowery design in such pins is mainly gorgeous.

3. Claw Clips for Hair:

The claw clips have been the primary choice as they came into the market. They are firm and give a fixed-grip to the hair in order to embrace your hairstyle firm. The claw clips are prepared with fiber and are presented in various colors and designs. They hold a busy market as you will see them easily available and easy to use. This style of hair clip comes in a range of size to suit the volume of the hair. Some are small, while others are really big to embrace the complete hair up, like a bun.

4. Banana Clips for Hair:

These kinds of hairpins came into the market before the claw clips, and since that time has been ruling over. They provide a simple look of a small comb which gives them a proper grip. These girly hairpins are used for this hair with small or medium length. It is the best option to knot all your hair, without allowing them to split.

5. Bumpit Hair Pins:

This special type of hair pinfalls under the trendy hairpin styles meant for hair accessories. They are not easily accessible as they are newly introduced to the market. A lovely puff, a clumsy ponytail, and a half tied pony are the hairstyles you carry with such bumpits. The pins are appropriate for all type of hair. They are typically used by the women who need to have a puff for a long time. They are not too expensive and serve the purpose just right.

6. The Snap Clip:

These girly model hairpins are very fashionable for holding strands on the hair. The metal hair clips are usually used by the kids but these days also adults are using it. These are accessible in a variety of designs, sizes, and varieties. They hold the little hair strands from falling on the face as well as used to tighten the puffs which are approved on a regular basis. They look cute on kids and they come in different shapes for them.

7. Tiaras Hair Pins:

These ladies hairpins are broadly used by the ladies to hold up eye-catching hairstyles in marriages. Such pins move toward in a range of patterns such as silver, gold, diamond Studded, various shapes, etc. They give a crown appearance to your hairstyle and hence they are also known as crown hairpins. Tiara hairpins are probably the common choice for the many women, for it saves from buying a tiara, yet having one!

8. Hair Stick Pins:

Some people who are lacking time avoid the use of any band or pins. They just carry the hair sticks to make up their hair. Such sticks are used to give your hair a firm bun. All you need to do is just gather your hair and roll or twist them to a bun and fix the sticks from opposite sides to lock it. They are also offered in various decorative forms.

9. Feather Hat Clip:

Such girly hairpins give you a royal look when worn on specific countess dresses. They are available in various designs with a small or by a hat and several lovely feathers and net. All you need is just take a small strand of hair and pluck the pin/clip to it. This hairpin accessory is mostly used for kids and looks cute. They come in a range of colors that can be chosen to match their attire.

10. Floral Design Golden Hair Pins:

Try these gold hairpins and gives a bridal look to your hairstyle. Such vintage hairpins are generally used to give an awesome look to your hairstyle and they also hold your hair for a long period so that they don’t mess up. Such pins are available in various floral, peacocks, butterflies, etc. design that it would be hard for you to select the best.

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