For some men, women are complicated but the truth is that they are simple. If you want to make them happy gift your girl trendy gifts, dresses, beauty products or even a nice gift card but when it comes to some special occasions including birthday, anniversary or Christmas, you should go for something more dedicated.

No matter if you are her BFF, coworker, classmate or boyfriend/girlfriend; make sure to gift something unique she hasn’t received before. The gift ideas may vary according to a woman’s age and this post is dedicated to the best gifts ideas for the girl.

We have round-up and featured a bunch of awesomely cute presents including eyeliner, fuzzy-faux jacket, smart mirror, comfy sleep mask, detailed handbag and many more. These 20 gifts ideas for a girl will no doubt make her excite, freak out and smile the best way possible.

1.Liquid Eyeliner

Girls spend a lot of time grooming them no matter if she is 20 or 40, thus gifting the best cosmetics and beauty products would be the best idea.

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This slick liquid eyeliner will make your girl’s eye pop and provide extra dimensions to her eyes.

2.Hand Steamer

Meeting, events, parties, dating and dinners, ladies in their twenties have a lot of reasons to get involved and are always on the go. It becomes necessary for them to be stylish most of the time and this hand steamer could be a time savior gadget for them.

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This hand steamer is easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort. If you don’t have enough space in your small apartment for ironing boards and bulky iron then you should go with this unique device. 

3.Smart Mirror
Under the inappropriate and wrong lighting conditions, the outcomes of makeup could be completely different and unexpected and you may feel getting fooled. Most of the ordinary mirrors don’t come with a full-color spectrum that’s why it becomes almost impossible to see detailed variations in the makeup colors.
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This smart mirror has 600 lux and 90 CRI (color rendering index) which help you seeing full-color variations no matter the light source is natural or not. The smart mirror will boost your grooming efforts and make you flawless and beautiful each and every time.

4.Hair Curler 
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Curls are sexier and your girl would also love to flaunt her curl hairs this festive season. Gone are the days when you have to invest a lot of time and effort to make your hair curlier, these days a quality hair curler can help you create flawless curls in minutes.

The hair curler featured here is equipped with a ceramic rotating curler, digital display, simple buttons for easy interface, temperature settings. This beauty gizmo produces infrared heat which makes your hair shinier, curlier and healthier at the same time.  

5.Fuzzy Faux Jacket

Winters had approached and the temperature has dropped a lot these days. Keeping ourselves warm and comfy has become an important part of our everyday life. 

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Gift her some warm clothes and this fuzzy faux zipper jacket could be her favorite winter outfit. She will no doubt definitely appreciate this warm jacket’s soft and cozy shearling material.

6.Power Bank cum Smartphone Cover

A smartphone having no power is almost useless. We need to juice up our smartphones every time it gets drained throughout the day but it becomes difficult to power your device while traveling. Owning a high-quality power bank will be a great idea but what if buying a smartphone covers capable of charging your smartphone?

That would be great no doubt and thus I have listed this 5000mAh charging smartphone case for you. This portable power bank cum smartphone cover has brilliant sync through technology which makes it possible to charge your smartphone and power bank both at the same time.

7.Comfy Sleep Mask 

Sleeping mask is being hugely popular helps users getting asleep easily. This silk sleep mask will block all the lights effectively and help you get a comfortable sleep. 

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This particular bedtime accessory has artsy prints and made with high-quality silk fabric.


  • 100 percent silk
  • Adjustable strap
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Block light effectively
  • Great accessory for long travel journeys
8.Flat Chain 

A chain necklace is a versatile jewelry and the best thing about this jewelry is that they can easily go with most of the outfits and dresses. Your girl would definitely love to team this elegant piece of jewelry with her winter clothing during this Christmas and other occasions.
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This gift will make her feel trendy and stylish. This sober and subtle chain necklace can be worn awesomely with a pair of elegant earrings and can also be layered with other gold pieces.

9.Elegant Pumps

She has to attend multiple occasions and gatherings this festive season. Footwear is one of the most preferred gifting items and you must gift her quality footwear this Christmas.
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The pointed toe mid-heel pumps are enough comfortable and stylish to be paired with most of the party dresses and outfits. Stay comfortable and stylish with this mid-heel chic pump. This elegant pair of pumps has a combination of a sophisticated and classic silhouette with a comfortable heel.

10.Eyeshadow Set

Metallic shade eye shadows will make her eyelids look killer. This set of pink, shimmery copper and rose gold shades is capable in enhancing her flawless and natural beauty. 

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These eye shadows will definitely compliment her makeup and will make her more and more gorgeous each and every time.

11.Dedicated Earring Set

Gift her dedicated earring set which she can easily carry to the parties as well as to her universities/workplace. This set has 32 different pairs of style earrings including stud, hoop, tiny ball, round, triangle, moon, star, heart, cross and many more designed earrings.
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These earrings are made with the best quality stainless steel alloy which is durable and skin-friendly at the same time. This set provides the best safety, comfort, and style and can be easily get teamed with most of your jewelry. The gold and silver plating is enough durable and provides a delicate appearance.

  • Cute earrings
  • Healthy material
  • Delicate design
  • Application occasion
  • Great gift option
  • 32 different pair

12.A Nice Dress

A nice dress would make her cutest among the girl gang on the party floor. When it comes to choosing a ladies dress people often get confused and overwhelmed because of excess available options. 

The varieties of dresses are multiple and it may be not easy for you to choose a dress for your girl. This elegant jumpsuit could be a better dressing option and you must give it a look.


Yes, the days aren’t sunny but it does not mean gifting quality sunglasses will be a bad idea. Some sunglasses can be worn in almost every season and these 

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Sungait classic ladies’ sunglass is perfect for driving, vacation, shopping, and multiple outdoor activities no matter whatever the weather is.

  • Classic and cute
  • Comfortable
  • Available in both polarized and non-polarized versions
  • Suitable for every season and occasion


She would love to wrap herself in a soft robe after a relax bath no doubt. Best quality bathrobes are made with the softest and fluffiest material and will provide feeling like you are warping yourself in a cloud of cotton. 

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Buy a quality hyper absorbent bathrobe, gift pack it and present her, she would love to receive this piece of a gift from you.

15.Nail Color Set

Ladies of every age group spend a lot of time grooming their nails and thus gifting nail beauty products would be a better option to go with. What about giving her a different range of nail colors set this festive season? That will be great no doubt.
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Girls love to polish their nails with different shades and colors almost every week. A set of nail polish having 5 different shades will help her grooming her nails for almost every occasion.

16.Detailed Shoulder Bag

Girls carry a lot of accessories if compared to boys and she will need a good quality shoulder bag to keep her things such as smartphones, sunglasses, keys, currency, ATM cards, cosmetics, beauty products, etc at one place in a more organized way. A good quality, lightweight, durable and comfortable shoulder bag will easily go with most of her outfits no matter casual or professional.

Pros of a good quality shoulder bag:

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  • Provide great space for your accessories
  • Portable and secure
  • Fashionable and perfect for most of the occasions
  • An ideal gift option


Tights are one of the most versatile women outfits and a woman wardrobe essential which goes easily with most of the other clothing items. Before investing make sure to choose tights that are trendy, durable, and stretchable and made with high-quality material.

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The tights can be paired with multiple outfits such as skirts, dresses, over-sized sweaters and many more. The best part of tights, they provide great fit, comfort and style to all girls despite their body figure, size and weight.

18.Nice Bracelet

Best pieces of jewelry make women more beautiful and charming but girls don’t like to carry heavy jewelry and ornaments. 

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Simple, sober and lightweight jewelry has great compatibility and can be easily paired with most of the girl outfits. A dedicated and versatile nice bracelet could be a better gift choice for a girl.

19.Charcoal Mask

These charcoal masks are one of the most used beauty products and help you detoxify your skin in minutes. It gently draws out most of the face impurities and makes your skin more breathable. The charcoal mask removes blackheads, purifies and moisturizes skin and unveils baby soft clear skin.

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  • Deep cleansing
  • Removes blackhead and open clogged pores
  • Purify skin
  • Remove dead skin and extra oil

20.Perfume Set

She will feel awesomely refreshed and charming with juts few sprays of great perfume and what would be better than gifting her good collection of such nicer perfumes. Perfumes and scents not only help us combating body odor it also completes our look and a person no matter men or women must have few varieties of perfumes at her/his dressing table.

Bottom Line:

Boys can survive with a minimum number of outfits and accessories but girls cant, and it’s a universal truth. Girls need more attention, care, and affection and as well as more dresses too, LOL but at the same time pleasing a girl is comparatively easier if you know how to make her happy.

A woman loves to receive gifts no matter if it is expensive or not, they usually don’t care. Choosing a gift item for a girl may be the toughest job in the world for a man and we men always get confused. This post about 20 things to buy this Christmas and New Year for the girl will defiantly help you get the best gift this festive season and beyond.