YEAR 2020 - Fashion Trends for Girls

Fashion trends are perpetually changing. Some fashions are being created and others recreated. For this reason, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the fashion field in 2020 without guessing. Consequently, this can be predicted by fashion specialists and fashion shows. Here are 10 fashion trends that will dominate in 2020. 1.Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves were in fashion in the early 80's. If you are that person who is interested in adding some extra vigor in your life, put more focus on the sleeves. 

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The puffy-sleeved top can be paired with some jeans or a leather mini the skirt which will make your look more fun and explorative.

2. Polka Dots 
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Polka dot has been in fashion from time immemorial. A lot of fashion houses and designers have been consistently creating polka dots dresses, skirts, tops, and bikinis just to mention a few. This trend will continue in 2020. Be on the lookout for such.

3. All Leather If you have the mentality that…

20 Things to Buy this Christmas and New Year 2020 for Girls

For some men, women are complicated but the truth is that they are simple. If you want to make them happy gift your girl trendy gifts, dresses, beauty products or even a nice gift card but when it comes to some special occasions including birthday, anniversary or Christmas, you should go for something more dedicated.

No matter if you are her BFF, coworker, classmate or boyfriend/girlfriend; make sure to gift something unique she hasn’t received before. The gift ideas may vary according to a woman’s age and this post is dedicated to the best gifts ideas for the girl.

Styling Up For the Holidays!

The holiday season is definitely here, and it's the perfect reason for dressing up! Parties and traveling await, so planning your outfits is the goal to make sure you are always Instagram ready. Here are some pieces that you can incorporate into your #OOTDs!
Leather Pants - 
Level up your bottoms game by switching up your jeans with some leather pants. This is already a statement look so you can balance it out by throwing on a cozy sweater and dress it up with some accessories. If you partner leather pants with high heels, you will definitely be the star of the show.
Pantsuits - Are you a #ladyboss that wants your outfit to scream power for you? Make it a little subtler by getting one that's made from velvet, and go even softer with the season's millennial pink. Look even more professional by partnering it with a satin blouse or go for street style by skipping the undershirt altogether.
Colored Contact Lenses -The holiday season is the time for reinvention. What would be more …

What to Know Before You Buy Plus Size Ladies Fashion Online

The digital age has carried with it endless accessibilities and technological advances that make life easier. The ability to skip the trip to the mall and Buy Plus Size Ladies Fashion online is one of them! Now it’s easier than ever to shop for the latest styles from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is search, buy, and wait for your new clothes to show up on your doorstep. Sounds simple, right? Not necessarily.
While shopping online for clothes definitely has its upsides, there are still some things to consider when you buy plus size ladies fashion online. When you’re buying anything online, especially clothes, preparation is key! Four Seasons Direct wants you to get the most out of your online shopping experience, so we’ve created this handy guide of what to know before you click “purchase.” Happy shopping!

Know Your MeasurementsBefore you buy plus size ladies fashion online, it’s important to know exactly what size to shop for. Learning how to take your own measurements …

Achieve the Perfect DIY Makeover

Do you have an upcoming big date, do you just feel like your style is stiff and lacks fun? DIY makeovers are an excellent way to brighten up your look, to veer away from dullness, and to have a better sense of yourself. Don’t worry as we’ve already wrapped some of the greatest DIY ideas for you — from covering those under-eye circles to viewing moreof the freshest contact lenses you can wear! Take note of these things you could do to get yourself a perfect makeover and get that new vibrant look.
#1 Spice Up Your Hair Color
Getting a new hair color can give you a feeling of being an entirely new woman. You can try being blonde, prove the long-time adage, and see if you’ll have more fun. Far too early? Lighten your hair during the summer and darken it in the fall. A wide array of techniques are widely available not requiring you to be too crazy. Experiment with lowlights and highlights, and you can achieve exciting results. If you are more on the adventurous side, you may try oil slick ha…

Photo Shoot at Home

If you love photoshoot of your own, then your own home is the best place for a photoshoot. Because you know all the hidden corners and best wall of your home. Set up a photoshoot at home instead of going to a studio. 
For unique photo poses you need to have the best background suited on your dress. Use the best combination of background and your dress color.
Tip 1. Choose the best wall or the best corner to shoot photos according to your dress.
Tip 2. Makeup well, Don't over makeup.
Tip 3: Use proper Jewelry ( I only use earing in this photoshoot)
Tip 4: Use Proper Footwear. (I wore 2 Footwears - Black shoes, and Wedges)
Tip 5: Use something or props to make your best pose. ( I used mobile).
Tip 6: Use proper carpet or mat. ( I used Mat)

Pose 1. Click Full Side Pose. Look at one Side to Camera.
Put one hand on your waist and another on the wall. Show the sleeve fashion if your dress has. Put your hair on one side. Be confident while possing something like the below image. Wear some high he…

7 Most Important Types of Footwear with Outfit Names

Hello Amazing People, Most of us are very confused about which footwear type is perfectly fine on which outfit. So I am sharing with you 7 most important footwear types with outfit names. from which one of the footwear types is definitely match on any of your outfits.

1. Wedges:

Thick Soul and no more separated Heels. That's my Favorite type of footwear. 
Dresses: One Piece, A-Lined Skirts, Kaftan Dress, Layered dress, Turtle neck Dress, Office Wear, Indian Outfits also.

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2. Gladiator Sandal:

This is flat gladiator sandal, but there are different types of gladiator sandal such as knee-high, thigh-high and lace-up gladiator sandal.  Dresses: Midi Dress, Asymmetric Dress, Bodycon Dress, Wrapped Dress, LBD, Denim Shorts.

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3. Ballerinas:
Extremely flat and Flexible shoes usually rounded at the front. 
Dresses: Dungrey, Ankle Length Jeans, Capries, Flared Dress, Leggings, Kurtis